WES Omega has a wide range of Mould Handling options, whether you require a Carousel system which allows efficient use of floor space for moulds from 600 x 800mm up to 1600 x 1200mm with either 6 or 8 station models available, or a Fast Loop system which can accommodate mould sizes from 1000 x 800mm up to 3500 x 2500mm, plus special sizes for customers individual needs.

Manual or automatic Carousels can be supplied for stand-alone applications, such as very small moulds for core making, or integrated into semi-automatic moulding plants. All plants can be made suitable for boxed or boxless moulds.

Along withe the Carousel or Fast Loop moulding system WES Omega can also offer Automatic Strickle, Rollover Draws, Flood coaters, Drying Ovens (infra-red or convection heating), Auto Mould Closers and Manipulators to suit most sizes of moulds including boxed and boxless (or a combination of both).


Mould Handling