The Chromite sand reclamation system consists of a combination of magnets and density separators to consistently and efficiently achieve purity rates of 98% and above.

The main equipment components are arranged vertically, discharging downwards at each stage to final discharge of the silica sand, chromite sand and a waste product at the lowest level, from where the silica and chromite sands may be elevated to a storage hopper by either belt and bucket elevators or a pneumatic conveying system.

The system provides a highly competitive solution giving rapid return on capital.


1. Feed hopper / 2. Vibratory feeder / 3.Ferrite drum magnet  /4. Metallic waste stream / 5. Chromite / silica sand stream / 6. Electro magnetic vibratory feeder / 7. Rare earth drum magnet / 8. Silica sand stream / 9. Silica sand conveyor / 10. Chromite sand stream to conveyor / 11. Electro magnetic vibratory feeder / 12. Inclined fluidised separator / 13. Waste stream / 14. Chromite sand conveyor (clean)

chromit sep